Mission Statement

The mission of the "Self-Supported Cycle Touring for the Faint of Heart" blog is to encourage folks who might not otherwise try this activity to give it a go.

The more accessible and popular this activity becomes, the more good will come out of it for me (and, at the end of the day, it's all about me).  Good things that could happen:
  1. Improved accommodation of packed cycles by airlines;
  2. More and better amenities and support for cycle tourists, such as bike transport on trains, better gear rental options, and so on;
  3. Development of more cycle touring infrastructure and routes in places that are not currently very well suited for touring.
If you get something out of this blog, please be sure to share it, and tell folks about it.  Together we can change the world (to suit cycle tourists, of course)!

Rhonda (the Faint of Heart)

"Faint of Heart" Rhonda


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