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Diary: Trying to Book a Bike and Barge

TLDR; Tour company can only accept payment via wire transfer.  Bank says some required information is missing.  Multiple back-and-forth with tour company, and multiple visits to bank.  Finally get all the information needed.  Visit bank one final time.  Wire transfer successfully sent.  Bank did not use all the information they insisted they needed. April 19, 2022 Brent and I decided to do a trip to Germany sans bicycles (gasp) this year.  It is an opportunity to do some things that would be difficult with the bikes along, such as visiting some long-lost relatives, and going to Barcelona (which doesn't seem to have a safe cycle route into the city). Brent researched a number of Bike and Barge options, and we selected a trip along the Oder river, from Stralsund to Berlin.  We're going to be flying in and out of Berlin this time, so how convenient is that!? There were a few tour companies that offer the tour we want, but I noticed they're all on the same boat and same date, l

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