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Laying Your Weary Head

I'm a very strong proponent of NOT booking accommodation ahead of time because of all the commitments of getting to each place on a schedule.  I much prefer the flexibility of deciding our pace based on the weather, how we're feeling, and how cool (or boring) our current location is.  That involves finding accommodation "on the fly"... on a daily basis.

The easiest, and most affordable, way to find accommodation "on the fly" is to camp.  We also find it particularly enjoyable, but the weather isn't always perfect, and not everyone shares our preference in that regard.

I am NOT a fan of wild camping, for a couple of reasons:
1) I have a somewhat unreasonable terror of being confronted and sent packing;
2) I like the amenities involved with camping in a place that expects you... I like to have a picnic table, a flushing toilet, maybe a shower, and, if we're lucky, a washing machine.
Camping Camping varies from country to country.

In France, you can ge…

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