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iPhone on a Bike

Until about 2017, I never felt a need to have my iPhone attached to my bike.  I didn't think it would add value.  In 2017, on our tour in Germany, to supplement my beloved hard-copy luddite maps, I used a little bit, and suddenly it started to seem more important. Besides being easily accessible, though, I wanted to make sure the phone was properly protected from the elements.  I have been trying since then to find a solution that worked for me, and I still haven't found what I'm looking for... or have I?  This is my unofficial, unscientific review of products meant to make my iPhone accessible while riding (especially touring). In 2019, prior to our tour in France, I got a couple of small bags with waterproof phone pouches and tried them out: CoolChange Mini Saddlebags These cost about $20USD on EBay. Pros: side bags are handy for carrying small items, like tools and spare tubes.  Phone pouch attaches with velcro, so it's super easy to attach and deta

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