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Biking and Barging, Wishing we were Touring

 When we go to Europe, we do the cycle touring.  It's our favorite kind of holiday, and our favorite place for it.  This year, however, there was a complication.  We were going to be spending the first part of our trip meeting, and visiting, some of my long-lost relatives.  We tried to figure out how we could take our bikes along and make it a "relatives-and-cycle-tour" trip, but it just wasn't feasible.  We'd been contemplating doing a "Bike and Barge" since 2018, so we decided that we would do it this year, since it was a good opportunity... being in Europe without our own bikes. So, now we've tried a Bike and Barge trip.  It was... ok.  We don't regret doing it.  We're happy to have tried it once, and maybe we'll do something like it again someday, but it really wasn't our cup of tea.   While we were on this trip, I started getting "Photo of the Day" e-mails from a former colleague, Keith, who was cycle touring with his w

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