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ATUVOS Trackers

 In the beforetimes, air travel was becoming a bit of a cluster, and traveling with bicycles was a cluster on steroids.  When we began traveling again we discovered that... it has gotten worse.  Erg. As we prepare embark on our first cycle tour since 2019, I am more concerned than before about our bikes and gear arriving at our final destination.  I have considered AirTags in the past, but not really seriously.  This time, I considered seriously. When I was fixin' to buy some (four total - one for each bike and one for each stuff box), I looked at the price of an AirTag and kind of gasped.  As I was recovering from the sticker shock, I discovered that there's a similar product from ATUVOS ( Smart Bluetooth Tracker ) that costs about 60% what an AirTag costs.  As I looked into them, I realized that they are eerily similar to some early trackers that I had tried years ago by XY FindIt.   ATUVOS XY FindIt The old original XY FindIt gadgets that I had (still have, actually),

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