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Research for Daily Touring

One experience that I hate when traveling is to have that "I wish I'd known about that at the time" feeling of having missed something awesome, or having had an unfortunate or unpleasant experience that could have easily been averted.

Although I strongly advocate for not pre-scheduling accommodation for a tour, that doesn't mean that I'm a fan of completely winging it.  I've had way too many of those "I wish I'd known about that at the time" experiences.

My way of:

Enjoying the flexibility of advancing at our own pace;Not missing out on something awesome;Avoiding unnecessary grief and complications, is to plot out some key pieces of information along my chosen tour route to form an "itinerary" of sorts: Town/PlaceKilometerOptional Kilometers (side trips, campgrounds that are off the route)Things to Do/SeeLaundry Facilities (see Waschfreunde, Where Are you When We Need You? for some info about why this is so important)  CampgroundHostelTr…

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